Women’s Soccer Award of Excellence

Each year, WAGS contributes $7,500 to support the Women’s Soccer Award of Excellence. WAGS’ contribution supports the event, the award, the recipient’s flight and accommodations, and a donation in the recipient’s name to the charity of their choice. The 2019 recipient is Nancy Feldman, Head Coach of the Boston University Women’s Soccer Team. WAGS is honored to support this award which recognizes those that have brought distinction to women’s soccer.  More information on this award.

13 hours ago.

Jill Ellis speaks to her connection to WAGS @WAGSinsoccer as a former player in our league while accepting her Award of Excellence @UnitedCoaches Coaches of Women’s Soccer Breakfast we sponsor. We are very proud to call Jill Ellis a WAGS Alumni. #BMORE20 pic.twitter.com/EUbjBzmqsj