Worldwide Outreach

For many girls around the world, playing soccer is a luxury they can’t afford. But that doesn’t mean soccer can’t have a positive and impactful role in changing their lives.

WAGS in partnership with the University of Lynchburg Women’s Soccer Program, their partner Sports Outreach and The Robert Katende Initiative, empowers women and girls in Africa. June of 2017 our outreach to Africa began, to help women and girls to not just thrive in their communities, but thrive in life. The contributions from WAGS provided critically needed computers, office software, supplies, and funding to hire a teacher and enabled the opening of the WAGS Gulu Educational Resource Center.

In 2018 WAGS provided funding and a second resource center was opened the Katwe WAGS Educational Resource Center,  again coordinated and managed through the Robert Katende Initiative.

2019 -WAGS in addition to our maintenance payments,  provided a sponsorship for toiletry items for the girls which was delivered by the University of Lynchburg players and coaches as part of their WOW Program ( Women of Worth).

2020 to 2023 –  WAGS continues to provide maintenance payments to ensure the programming continues to offer a teacher, education options, computer accessibility and a safe space for girls. In 2022 a new building was under construction in Katwe which has an entire floor dedicated to the WAGS Resource programming.

This 2017 archived update we received from the coordinator of the WAGS Gulu Educational Resource Center documents the start of our journey empowering women around the world.


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WAGS gives women and girls hope and a chance, by providing funding so they can have the guidance they so desperately need, whether it be to learn basic life skills, computer skills, or even foot skills.

Katwe WAGS  Resource  Center

Gulu Resource Center