Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) League Becomes Women And Girls in Soccer

Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) announced today it has completed its official transition to Women And Girls in Soccer. WAGS was, for 40 years, a competitive soccer league for girls in the Washington, DC area. The league merged with the National Capital Soccer League in 2016. WAGS’ Board of Directors voted this past spring to continue its mission to empower girls and women through soccer, by forming a charitable organization. They were able to retain the well-recognized acronym WAGS, which has always been synonymous with women and girls in soccer.

“While the means have changed, the ends have not,” says Board Chair Lula Bauer. “Our Board continues to be committed to providing women and girls opportunities to grow and excel in their personal lives. We believe in the power of soccer to do that.”

WAGS has reorganized as a 501 C (3) charitable organization, registered in Virginia. Though it will be primarily operated by a volunteer board of directors, former board member Kerry Diederich has taken on the role of Executive Director to oversee its day-to-day operations. With monies earned from the former league and replenished annually with the WAGS tournament in October that it will continue to host, WAGS will empower women and girls by financially supporting six programs:

  • Soccer Hall of Fame Award
  • The United Soccer Coaches’ Women’s Award of Excellence
  • College scholarships for female players committed to playing at the next level in college
  • Coaches Certification Courses
  • Referee Certification Courses
  • Worldwide Outreach

With this announcement, WAGS launches its new website (www.womenandgirlsinsoccer.org), which will be the organization’s primary resource for detailed information and updates about the six programs. You can also follow WAGS on Twitter (@WAGSinsoccer), like them on Facebook (Women and Girls in Soccer), view videos on YouTube (WAGSinsoccer), and interact on Instagram and Snapchat as WAGSinsoccer.

About WAGS
WAGS is a 501 C (3) charitable organization established in Virginia in 2017. Its mission is to provide opportunities to sponsor, develop, or provide educational and character building programs for the benefit of girls and women through teaching and promoting an interest in the game of soccer.

The six unique programs it supports, just for girls and women, promote confidence, strength, character and leadership in a variety of ways, and include awards recognition, coach and referee certification, college scholarships, and worldwide outreach. WAGS is on the web at www.womenandgirlsinsoccer.org.