Women and Girls in Soccer (WAGS) to Host 1st All Female Grade 8 Referee Course

Women and Girls in Soccer (WAGS) announced it will host a Grade 8 referee course March 10th and 11th at Edison High School in Alexandria, VA. The course will be conducted by Diane Florkowski, with 30 females already registered which was the maximum number for the course. 

Recently WAGS sponsored in conjunction with VYSA, a women’s only D held Feb 9-11th. Following the smashing success of the coaching course, WAGS seeks to do the same for the referee community. It is universally acknowledged that there are far too few female referees. Our young female soccer players who are considering taking up officiating are lacking role models. This clinic is an opportunity to increase the quantity and quality of female referees in the metro area in a supportive, female centric environment.